Manifesto – My Drive or Driven?

My passion, my compulsion, is to share God’s love with others and that is driven by the love of Christ…John 3:16. I love because He first loved me…so, my drive is initiated there.

My inspiration is the Master Artist, the one and only God, Creator of all. My mediums are music and art. My instruments, my hands and voice…only because that is how He designed, created and gifted me to be. I take no credit in His creation for I am just a vessel, a tool in the Master’s hand.

My ambition is to remain obedient and in His will as I live out the call on my life to tell others about Jesus…the great commission.

My hope is in the Lord…in His power and control. I trust in Him alone. He is the driver and fuel source for my journey…Thank the Lord! Believe me, He is a much better driver than I am!

My goal…first, pleasing God…second, a by-product of the first, to tell others of His amazing love for them, that He has a plan and a purpose for their life, and to encourage them to trust and love the Lord with all their hearts, minds and souls.

Success…worldly success vs. Godly success…hmm? We must be careful not to be fooled by the outside view we see. Only God knows and sees the whole picture. For me, success is in being faithful, even in the little things, and in keeping my heart and will in sync with His. I am constantly learning, constantly seeking, constantly stepping (one step at a time), into the territories and opportunities that He is in charge of opening and leading me into.

My daily prayer is to glorify God with all of my life and to be filled with His love so powerfully that I will be a blessing to whomever He allows me to connect with or to minister to…whether it be one more person or thousands more. I now realize the journey towards my God given dreams is as important, perhaps even more so, than my final destination.

By learning to “Let go and let God” be in control of the big picture, I am set free to really live life “in the moment”, instead of letting important moments pass me by while I wish for things that have not yet come to be. This, I believe, gives me the peace I need to remain patient, content, and balanced in my day to day life, which is a challenge at times for us driven creative types.

Perhaps, this balanced life of faith is the secret to true peace and happiness.

Is your “drive” robbing you of this? It used to rob me of mine until I came to realize this truth.

Love and blessings to you and remember…keep your eyes on Christ!


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