An Invitation to Join the Family

Hey thereHey there! Happy Easter to you!!

My prayer for you today is for you to be drawn closer to God so that you may experience an amazing amount of His love and grace this week as we celebrate what Jesus has done for you and me!

My sister, Pat, and I were rejoicing the other day, not only in the cross, but in the full realization that Christ fought beyond the death on the cross. He bore the full repulsive breadth, depth and weight of our sin and then continued on to successfully battle and defeat Satan and death on our behalf. It’s hard to imagine why He would love us so much but He does. Praise His Name! Because of what He has willingly done for you and me, we are free from that punishment and can live under grace…but only if…we believe, confess and receive Jesus as Savior!

On top of that good news is the fact that Christ rose from the grave and lives! He is seated in Heaven and is presently interceding for His followers…those that have received Him as Lord and Savior. He is our Redeemer…past, present and future! Hallelujah!

My goodness, what a relief to know I am free! On top of that, it is amazing that I can know Him, my Lord, my Heavenly Father God and that He cares to know about me…every detail! I can approach His throne of grace boldly with my requests, supplications and prayers all because of Jesus Christ. There is no need to try to carry the weight and stress that inevitably come in living life all by myself. Jesus says in the Bible to cast my cares on Him! When I remember to do that, I am able to experience joy even in the midst of life’s messes!

“Who is like the Lord? Nobody! Who is like the Lord? No, no, no, no, NOBODY!” …Ooops, I started singing. It’s what I do ya know? Awesome song, by the way  😉

I hope you know Him and have discovered the freedom, joy, peace and love that I have found in Him. If you don’t know Him, receive Him now. Don’t delay…come to Him, just as you are. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come for you. Then you will understand what a big deal Easter really is!

john-3-16-crucifixion 2If you are still with me, let me say it is not by happenstance that you are reading this. If God is speaking to your heart and you believe that Jesus died for your sins and you are ready to trust in Him as Savior then simply pray…

“Dear God, I admit that I am not perfect and that I have sinned. I believe you sent your son, Jesus, who although was free from sin, willingly died on the cross for mine. I am so thankful for what You have done and accept you, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for forgiving me and for loving me. Help me now to learn more about what being your follower, a Christian, really means. I love you Lord. Amen.”

If you just received Christ as Savior for the first time, the angels are rejoicing with you! Please be sure and contact me and share your story with me of what God has done and is doing in your life. Just click on “CONTACT” above your comments will come directly to me.

I want to rejoice with you. Even without knowing you, I know that this is the best thing that you have ever done. Welcome to the family of God…my new brother or sister! I would also like to send you a special gift to commemorate this moment in your life and to encourage you to grow deeper in your relationship with Him.

Keep your chin up and your eyes on Christ and remember…

You are loved!



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