God Was In the House!

An amazing thing happened the evening I sang at a worship concert with Mary Alessi. For the first time ever, my accompaniment music stopped in the middle of a song because of an equipment problem…BUT…I just kept on singing and the audience loved it and many got on their feet or shouted out to encourage me to keep on going. It was awesome!

In preparation for this concert, I had been battling whether or not I should take time to share something from my heart that God had been burdening me with in regards to my community, but I had decided that I should not, because this was Mary’s event and not mine. Well…when the technical problems prevented them from beginning my second track right away, it gave me what seemed like 4-5 minutes to share what God had been placing on my heart, which now I believe God wanted me to do all along. I have never felt God’s anointing as strongly as I did that night! Many people came up to me and said that what happened and what I said was an amazing moment of God’s power that they were glad to be a part of. Several people claimed that they never even heard the music accompaniment stop playing. Go figure? With God, anything is possible. God was definitely in the house in the Key West High School auditorium…proof that He inhabits the praises of His people wherever they are!

OK…here are some photos that I shared in “From my Heart to Yours”, which is my newsletter that I send out to my email list.

solo singers  - cropped
Elizabeth, Jackie, and Becky
Becky C. singing at Mary Alessi concert
Singing “I Got Joy”
Elizabeth Stamper - Holy Ground
Elizabeth Stamper
Jackie Williams - Amazing Grace
Jackie Williams
Mary Alessi and Becky Carey 2-22-08
Mary Alessi and Becky Carey

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