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I wanted to share this review of I Wait For You from AlphaOmegaNews with you. This was posted online in August while I was in the midst of moving…which is why I missed it back then.

Thank you Ken for a nice review!

bcmusic cd picI Wait For You

Creative Soul Records

Grade – B+

“I Wait For You is a spirited gospel album by singer/songwriter Becky Carey. While the majority of the album centers around the gospel genre, it is also laced with a more contemporary sound and even some pop and country influences. Reawakened, the lead track, sets the tone for the album with its upbeat sound and uplifting message.”

“Becky is equally gifted in writing and singing. Becky wrote the majority of the album, aside from “It’s All For You,” which was written by Eric Copeland who produced the album. One of the more contemporary tracks is “Legacy of Love,” and “I Got Joy” is another peppy little track, while “In Times Like These” is more like a traditional inspirational song. The mix makes the overall album more appealing.”

“I Wait For You is an incredibly uplifting project and very well produced. Fans of contemporary gospel or contemporary inspirational will want to check out this album.”

Ken W.

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