Becky Carey ART

As Christians, we are not only made in His image, He is living in us. We are His tabernacle. Wow…THE CREATOR…living in me! That explains why I see the beauty of His creation all around me and why I find myself more creative when I am the most¬†intimate with Him. As I painted this pastel of a tropical sunrise, I heard His gentle reminder to me to celebrate each new day. Yes! Every day is a gift! After living through a very difficult cancer journey, I awaken every day and thank God for the air in my lungs and for the fact that I know He has saved me and given me another day to live for His glory. You see, “His Mercies are New Each Morning” and so that is the name of this painting.

I love sharing with you what He shows me through pastel paintings and my prayer is that you will be drawn closer to Him in the process.¬†To view more of my art, just click on the “ART” tab above.

Choosing to Shine…with love,



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