Worship & Ministry

Becky believes that although music played an important role in bringing her into a relationship with God, being a Christian singer, songwriter and musician does not make her a worshiper of God. Becky says…

“Real worship is giving ALL of oneself to God and then trusting He always knows best even in the midst of tragedies. Riding the roller coaster of life with hands raised requires letting go. A little scary, yes, but oh so exhilarating!”

After over 25 years of leading worship and fighting many battles in the physical and spiritual realm due to being in the forefront of ministry, the Lord has taught Becky many valuable lessons that she loves to share with other worship leaders or worshipers. After all, a worship leader is a conduit who’s heart and hands are always open so that God’s blessings can flow through them to others.

To read some of Becky’s lessons learned along the way, just click on the “WORSHIP” tab above. If you have questions related to leading worship or would like to inquire about bringing Becky to your church or event, please send her a message using the contact form provided…just click on the “CONTACT” tab above.